Commissioning ULN Furnaces

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Step one: Verify that input gas pressure is with in range of what the furnace data plate / label states.

                             If gas pressure is too high a regulator must be installed

If gas pressure is to low the gas company must be called out to raise the pressure.

These furnaces are NOT LP convertible – LP applications are exempt from Rule 111


Step two: Set manifold pressure to 3.0 InWC. (manifold range allowed is 2.8 to 3.2)

                             If you set it to high you will over heat / over fire the heat exchanger.

                             If you set it to low you will pull flame away from flame sensor

                             If you set it to low you can cause condensate to form in the H.E resulting is a premature rusted H.E. / failure.


Step three: Set temperature rise range stated on the furnace data plate / label.

                             GMES8 & AMES8 set blower speed accordingly

                                           Terminal 1 = slowest speed

                                           Terminal 3 = 2nd fastest speed

                                           Terminal 4 = 3rd fastest speed

                                           Terminal 5 = 4th fastest speed

                                           Terminal 2 = fastest speed

                             GMVS8, GMVS9, AMVS8 & AMVS9  set blower speed accordingly.

                                           You can only adjust the trim to increase or decrease the speed of the blower motor using the CoolCloud app.


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